The Irresponsible Guide To: The Singapore Grand Prix

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**THE ULTIMATE SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED FOR 2014 SHORTLY – Please subscribe or follow on social media to be notified when I’ve got all the information to create the 2014 version – links are to the right**

It’s one of the most exciting events on the planet. A new-world waterside city with its skyscrapers’ lit up with animated patterns. At the base of it all a bright illuminated line snakes its way around the city streets, containing  the fastest, most engineered cars in the world screaming through with unimaginable noise and speed. Once the race is over the city turns on it’s seductive side with glitzy parties usually only seen during summer in the South of France or after a Hollywood awards ceremony.

Do you want to be apart of this? Hell yes you do!

Like a glowing snake - the stunningly unique Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Like a glowing snake – the stunningly unique Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Formula 1 has always attracted the biggest and brightest. From car manufactures like Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW, superstar drivers; Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and the current whizz, Sebastian Vettel.  It’s no surprise that glitz and glamour follows this circus around the globe and apart from Monaco there is no more glamorous race than the only night race, the Singapore Gran Prix.

If you’re going to attend you best do it right. Here’s a quick guide to the tickets, the places to stay and of course the after hours activities.  At the end I’ve put together three packages, depending on your price range; My Amex is Black, My Amex is Green (and Maxed Out) and My Visa is Debit. If you do one of these, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


There’s something for everyone and the coolest part is that all tickets include entrance to a world-class concert after each day’s festivities.   This year (2013) it is Rihanna and the Killers. Past acts have included Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Black Eyed Peas.

Katty Perry performing at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2012

Katty Perry performing at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2012

Singapore Grand Prix Tickets

Grab your tickets and go

Pitt Grand Stand 3 day tickets start at SG $1,288 (US$1000) and are cheaper if you buy in a group of 4.  So what does your 1000 bucks get you? Views of the start / finish line, right opposite the pit lane so you can grab a birds eye view of the pitt stops – often the place where they race is won or lost. But perhaps the best part of the pit straight seating is the view of the final corner. A sweeping bend that is taken full throttle at over 200km/h.

Other grandstand tickets include; Padang Grand Stand (SG $598  US $465) , a long section of stands along the straight of St Andrews road. From here you see cars whizz past historic colonial buildings of St Andrews cathedral and the Supreme Court. The Bay Grand Stand (SG $298  US $230) is on the water front on the eastern shore of Marina Bay. It’s a larger permanent structure, facing a floating stage that will be full of giant screens on race day. The Bay Grand Stand not only has cars race in front of it, but underneath it as the track takes a hard left  through a tunnel right under the stand.

The Singapore GP is run at night on a street circuit.

The Singapore GP is run at night on a street circuit.

Cheaper options are the Walkabout tickets. The Premier Walkabout includes access to all zones including the hub of Zone 1 (This zone includes the pits / start finish line), you can also ride the Singapore Flyer (The world’s largest ferris wheel) for free during the race!  Standard Walkabout is just Zone 4.  Which has access to standing stands along a bridge and the main park in the centre of the race track with it’s festive atmosphere and numerous food stalls and bars.

Walkabout view

This photo was taken in an area accessible with a Walkabout ticket.

Where to Stay

Over 40,000 international visitors fly in to the tiny island just for the Gran Prix. With that in mind you can understand that prices will be expensive and rooms hard to find. But there are ways to avoid the big  room costs if you’re willing. Three of the best for GP fans from expensive to dirt cheap are below.

The Ritz Millennia

Ritz Carlton is a name synonymous with luxury and opulence, and the Singapore edition is no different. In their own words , staying at the Ritz Singapore is staying in “impeccable Five-Star hotel and experience luxury of the highest order.”  The Ritz Millennia Singapore is a favourite with those looking to stay at the Grand Prix as it is located only a few minutes walk from the pit complex and also the home of the Podium Lounge – one of the most exclusive parties of the weekend (which we shall get to shortly).

Ritz Singapore Suite Lounge Room

Ritz Singapore Suite Lounge Room

At publication 1 month out from the Gran Prix in 2013, the cheapest room is going for SG $1500 per night (US approx. $1170) or if you’re really looking to go all out a 2 bedroom suite is a measly SG$ $6500 (US approx. $5080) a night. If you think that’s expensive, don’t worry it includes breakfast!

Marina Bay Sands

In only a few short years this building with it’s unique rooftop sky park and infinity pool has become the icon of this city-state. It’s a great mid-range option for the GP and the best part is probably access to it’s famous infinity pool, of which you could watch the race if you wanted with a good view of the West side of the circuit.

Expect to pay about  SG $350  – 400 (US $250 – $320)  a night for a standard room. This could be a great option if you consider the fact that the room cost per a night is a similar cost for a  Gran Prix ticket and it’s possible you can watch from your room or the sky park. Despite the huge amount of rooms in this three tower complex they do sell out early. So be quick.

2 of Singapore's Icons. Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion

2 of Singapore’s Icons. Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion

WokeHome Capsule Hotel is ideally located a block back from Boat Quay and you can be at a selection of entrances to the track within 5 or 10 minutes walk.  This feels more like a hostel then a sealed off hotel and it’s pretty easy to meet other travellers if you wish, plus you have the bonus privacy of your own capsule. (But probably not private enough to bring someone back if you meet someone special whilst out partying).

The Capsules at WokeHome

The Capsules at WokeHome

Expect to pay SGD $35 – $50 a night!  See my review of WokeHome here – Waking Up in a Singapore Capsule Hotel.

The Parties

Almost as legendary as the race is the Singapore party scene. If you want to party with the rich or famous, get down to some of the world’s best dj’s or simply drink some beers with the locals, the Singapore GP has it covered.

Private Parties

Corporate companies are known to book out some of the city’s most exclusive spaces and treat their favourite clients and the regions rich and powerful, the young jet set or those pretending to be either to live it up.

One of the most notable is the Audi party on the 8th floor sky suites and terraces of the Fullerton hotel.  The Fullerton literally has the track go adjacent to the hotel on two sides. With views closer then most of the stands and free flowing champagne this is one of THE places to watch the GP providing you can get an invite – Purchasing an R8 in Singapore a month out from the event might really help your chances.

The Fullerton Hotel is trackside, the Audi party is in full swing on the upper floors.

The Fullerton Hotel is trackside, the Audi party is in full swing on the upper floors.

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit.

Obviously the name gives this one away, Formula 1 Major Sponsor Johnnie Walker hosting a party, the dress code is black and the drinks are Johnnie based cocktails. Want in? It’s invite only. But Singapore based people can stand a chance at winning entry by purchasing a bottle of JW Gold Reserve and visiting this website If anyone know’s another way in, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

Here’s YouTube vide from last year if you want to take a peak inside.

Public but really expensive parties

Amber Lounge.

I would love to review this but I haven’t managed to find my way inside yet, and with tickets for Sunday night after the race starting from SG$1,200 It’s unlikely that I will be this year. (Unless an organiser is reading this and wants to throw me an invite, then you can reach me here. Amber Lounge is an F1 institution,  originally starting in the Monaco GP 10 years ago it now pops up at Abu Dhabi, , Austin and Singapore. What do you get for that four figure entry free? Well drink and food is naturally included,  Oh and prepared to be entertained by a star that has likely had numerous top of the chart hits, that usually plays in an arena but instead will be performing for a select group of 500 or so lucky (and rich) attendees. Taio Cruz was in charge of rocking this party in 2011. Don’t want to groove then there’s fashion shows by some of the world’s top designers with models free to roam amongst the guests after the show.

Amber Lounge Bespoke Drinks

Amber Lounge Bespoke Drinks va Luxury Insider.

Lingerie show Amber Lounge

Lingerie show Amber Lounge, via Luxury Insider.

More details

Podium Lounge

In their own words;  The Podium Lounge is the ultimate A-list party for the racing community and Singapore’s party elite. Attended by F1 drivers, celebrities, musicians, Royalty, models, ambassadors and the ultra jet-set crowd since 2009, the party will again be the most sought after and glamorous nightlife experience during the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix.

They aren’t just talking themselves up, Podium Lounge is THE main VIP party to go to, officially sanctioned by Formula 1. In 2013, Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are set to make an appearance. Given their form this year it’s highly likely one will also be bringing the winner’s trophy.

Podium Lounge Location

Unlike Amber Lounge which is out of reach of your average punter, there are (somewhat) affordable tickets to Podium Lounge – $138 SGD get’s you in, $258 SGD get’s you in with a bottle of Moet. If this is too cheap for you, then don’t worry there’s plenty of opportunities to splurge; Your own VIP Lounge for 25 people is SGD $19,888 with numerous Jeroboams of Moet and Belvedere ensuring everyone is refreshed. Podium Lounge also includes a poolside fashion show international DJ’s – 2013 brings  Sander Kleinenberg and Seb Fontane on the decks.

You have to register  on the Podium Lounge website to see the price list, but I’ve saved you the trouble and published it below.

Price List for Podium Lounge

Price List for Podium Lounge – Singapore Dollars

Public Parties that you probably can afford


Zouk is a clubbing institution based in Singapore that I’ve mentioned before here – Singapore Beach Party with Avicii. Singapore’s biggest club will be hosting a variety of parties over the Grand Prix and not all of them will be in the club.

In 2013. They are bringing out Hardwell for his I AM HARDWELLTOUR. This party is outdoors a top Fort Canning Park perched high above the F1 track, in a set up that will be very similar to the Avicii party at Sentosa I reviewed earlier.

Hardwell Singapore 2013

After qualifying on Saturday night, Steve Aoki is teaming up with GH Mumm Champagne to rock Zouk club in a more intimate party entitled  “Ep!c Pit Stop”.  Steve is known for spraying around a bit of champagne (and cake too), so perhaps Mumm is the perfect sponsor, although a rain coat might be in order to protect your new threads.

Steve Aoki Singapore 2013

Clarke Quay

If none of this suits you and you’re just after a few drinks after the race. Head to the incredible Clarke Quay. A popular going out area, you are sure to find whatever you desire, from nice longey bars, Irish pubs and live music. It’s cheaper to by a bottle of alcohol than individual drinks. But if you think you can’t drink a bottle of vodka in a whole night, then don’t worry, the staff will keep it out back for you to finish off the next night.  AquaNova is my pick of the bars here, a fresh modern feel with a live band playing rock versions of current hits. But there are dozens of venues here for you to choose from.

Clakre Quay is home to many bars and clubs. Courtesy  used under creative commons

Clakre Quay is home to many bars and clubs. Courtesy

Vodka Redbull, Self Pour, In Club, Singapore

Get your drink on at Clarke Quay

Budgets – (Per person / USD)

My AMEX is Black

3 x Day Ticket Pit Grandstand: $1000
Amber Lounge Ticket (Friday and Saturday): $2000
Ritz Millennia Singapore (based on 3 nights in a 2 bedroom apartment twin share) $7500
TOTAL; $10,500

My AMEX is Maxed Out

3 Day Ticket – Padang Grand Stand: $470
Zouk Hardwelll Tour: $70
Zouk Ep!c Pit Stop: $30
General Admission Podium Lounge: $110
Marina Bay Sands (based on 3 nights in a standard room twin share) $600
TOTAL: $1280

My Visa is Debit

3 Day Walkabout Pass: $180
Bar / Club entry at Clarke or Boat Quay – $FREE
Hanging outside Amber bar in the hope someone gives you their pass on the way out, also free (but unlikely)
3 Nights WokeHome Capsule Hotel (Average) $100
TOTAL: $280 

BONUS – Watch the race without a ticket;

Singapore is a city of skyscrapers and as such there are plenty of venues up high where you can watch the race without a ticket. Examples include Ku De Ta, 1 Altitude and Equinox. At time of publication all of these bars are keeping quiet about their Grand Prix options asking customers to phone directly for enquiries. In 2012 entry in most of these places was advertised for approx $300 on race night usually including some kind of drink. Arguably better value than a walkabout ticket to the actual race. Come back for more details on these options as they come to hand.

Fireworks at the finish line

Fireworks at the finish line



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