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For the next 5 weeks, I’ve packed my bags and am taking in some of the sights and sounds of 3 of Asia’s most diverse destinations. , 2 of them staying for a period of two weeks or more to get to know the authentic side of these cities, what it’s like to live there and what goes on that the typical tourist doesn’t get to see. Here’s a little insight into the destinations I’ll be visiting.

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There’s already some Singapore content on this blog (see Waking up in a Singapore Capsule Hotel) and I plan for there to be many more. That’s because I love this city and it’s a place I try to visit at least once a year . Singapore rocks for its fusion of East and West and the diversity from luxury restaurants to street food hawkers. This time round the focus is on seeing Avicii on the sand at Silso Beach on Sentosa Island a party that is being put on by the passionate music lovers at Zouk.

Singapore Skyline

Length of Stay: 4 Nights

Accommodation: 5 Star Hotel Marina Bay (2 nights), Hostel in Chinatown(2 nights)

Random Fact: The Singapore Government has it’s on matchmaking department called the Social Development Network. Although most consider it a ‘last resort’ if looking for a date.


Hopefully you’re thinking Taipei WTF would anyone want to go there for? And that’s kind of how I’m thinking as well. But surely a city this big has to have a few surprises in-store. There’s no way nothing exciting or interesting happens in a city of almost 7 million. I’m determined to explore this city with an open mind to find out what exactly what goes on here culturally, gastronomically, and how people let their hair down.

Xinin Taipei

Length of Stay: 14 Nights

Accommodation: Studio apartment in Zhoungshan  district (10 Nights). Business apartment near Xinyi district (4 nights)

Random Fact: Betel Nut Beauties dressed very seductively are found on main roads selling Betel Nuts (kind of like chew tobacco that gets you high) and cigarettes along the side of main roads in Taiwan


Long before the explosion of Gangnam Style, Korean popular culture had been starting to take its hold on the TV’s and radio stations of greater Asia. Why is this? I personally think it’s because it’s so unique. South Korea is a monocultural country and as such has been allowed to develop its own intriguing traits and niches that outsiders now find fascinating  It’s about as far away as the western culture I grew up in and that’s precisely why I’m going there. To be completely culture shocked, confused, surprised and out of my depth.

Length of Stay: 16 Nights

Accommodation: Studio Apartment in Gangnam-gu (yes the area that Gangnam Style got its name from)

Random Fact: Unlike Japan which is famous for its Hostess Bars. Seoul is home to Host Bars. This is where wealthy women pay to enjoy the company of a drink with an attractive man.

Blog posts will come over the next few weeks, but instead keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for content live from the road.


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