Irresponsible Instagram | @mikeescamilla

When you come across an instagram profile description that includes “KEEP BLEEDING” in bold caps, then you know you have found one extreme dude.

Mike Escamilla, who has the nickname “Rooftop” describes himself as a “Bmxer, Stuntman, Adventurest, Photographer, LA INKer, Stranger in Danger, and Sky Jumper”. It is perhaps his sky jumping images that are most popular and given him an impressive Instagram following of almost 54,000. Be it jumping out of a plane in a giant bear suit, or simply “taking a seat” at 10,000 feet, Mike’s adventures have no limits. I’m thankful for the invention of the GoPro camera so we can get the best view of them.

Some of his best adrenaline inducing pics are  below, or experience more of the danger at 





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