Irresponsible Flikr | Theloko – Climbing Towers

This time of week is usually reserved for an Instagram profile showcase, but while on the hunt for this week’s Irresponsible Instagram I came across a Flikr profile oozing with so much irresponsibility (climbing towers irresponsibility) that it couldn’t be ignored.

“theloki” aka “The Test Chamber” likes to climb things.. big things. We are talking The Blackpool Tower, The Gateshead Angel of the North, The Golden Gate Bridge, hell they’ve even climbed the Pyramids!. “theloki” isn’t take the lift to the observation platform either. We are talking climbing on the outside, highly dangerous and most likely hight illegal.

“theloki” is also equally at home underground. But not in a car park or basement like when you and I go underground. We are talking subway tunnels,  and sewer caverns.

So whether it’s up high climbing towers, or down below in man-made caves, you can be sure “theloki” is out there pushing the boundaries and capturing it all in pixels.

Check him them on Flikr or follow their adventures on at The Test Chamber.



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