Irresponsible Instagram | @thetravelingmrfox

What if I told you there was a fox, who travelled the world, getting photographed in front of landmarks all while raising money to help is mate Gary who is fighting cancer.  Would you believe me? We’ll I’m not pulling your leg it actually exists and the fox is on Instagram as @thetravelingmrfox.

Why should you like @thetravelingmrfox? We’ll for starters he is doing a good deed to raise money. Two, he loves beer, three he can DJ, and four, he appears to be a sports fan, hanging out at the French Open tennis and , many football matches around the world.  My favourite @thetravelingmrfox pictures are below But you can get more on Instagram by following @mrtravelingfox


Chilling in Paris

Mixing up a storm

Hawaii bitch!

Checking out Tower Bridge

On the way to talk to The Pope at the Vatican

Court-side at Rolland Garros

Cheering on Rangers in Glasgow

Everyone’s gotta do it right?

Beer after a tough hike.




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