Australian East Coast Road Trip -Coffs Harbour, Yamba

Continued from Australian East Cost Road Trip Days 1 & 2

Coffs Harbour, I’m here!

Arriving into Coffs at twilight it’s easy to see why this is such a popular holiday destination, and one many choose to break up their Australian East Coast Road Trip. There is a vibe of relaxation and chilled that seems to come over you as you drive into town. My accommodation for the night is the local YHA. (Thanks Brooke for the recommendation via the Facebook page). Service and friendliness at the high level that you would expect from a YHA, but this wasn’t my first choice.

The Hoey Moey has a great reputation as a fun and friendly party hostel to stay in for travellers doing the Australian East Coast road trip. I was actually pumped to stay there, and make it one of the few party nights of the trip. but guess what? Only non-Australian’s can stay in their hostel. I spoke to the reception to find out why this was, but all they would repeat that international passports are required to stay in dorms. Disappointing and to be honest I’m sure it’s illegal. But I don’t have time to lodge an discrimination case right now, so what can you do. I did, however, drop into see what the fuss was about.  The Hoey Moey is also a pub that anyone can drink at (no international passports needed to drink), and this Sunday evening it was pumping. Despite the questionable decision to have a Credence Clearwater Revival tribute band playing, the venue was at capacity and I had to park 500m away. So, I’ll say this is a great place for a “sunday session” but not a great place to stay if you happen to be in your own country.

The evening was rather uneventful, and big meal at the Hogs Breath Cafe, where I likely ate 4 different types of animal before streaming an F1 racevia wifi. I wish I had more to report on but I wasn’t going to drive home drunk from the Hoey Moey and it was too far away to walk. I’ll make it up to you and create some gossip worthy incident in Byron.

Waking up in Coffs

If there was an upside to the location of the YHA it’s the proximity to cafes, the jetty and beaches. I munched down a tasty feed of pikelets at Soul Espresso before exploring the near by beaches and Jetty.

Driving is hungry work. Fueling up with breakfast from Soul Espresso

Driving is hungry work. Fueling up with breakfast from Soul Espresso

Now is when I’m truly glad I’ve come on this trip. The sun beaming down reflecting off the water, and warming my face, checking out the beaches perched at the end of native bush. I’m now a long way from home and I love it.

Dog in Beach Australian East Coast Road Trip

Even dogs love it at Coffs

SUP boarding Australia East Coast Road Trip

Taken on a Winter’s morning



Segue to Segways

Apologies for the bad pun, but the first activity of the trip was about to start and it really is Segwaying. Time Out Adventures run many Segway activities including the uber cool Segway golf. But for me I was going for the All Terrain option and see how these bad boys handle off road.

Segway Coffs Harbour Australian East Coast Road trip

no waiting.. let’s go now.


Our group got out sea-legs in the opulent surroundings of the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort. Before long manicured tropical landscapes of the resort made way for steep hills of gravel and grass tracks. The Segways are incredibly intuitive and easy to control and if you can stand up you can handle a Segway no problem.

Go Segway Go Australian East Coast Road Trip

Go Segway Go

Australian East Coast Road Trip

Yambling in Yamba

On the road again and with a promise to see more towns off the freeway I pulled in at the stunning village of Yamba. I knew little about this place only that it’s popular stop my parents whenever they are caravanning around Australia – which is frequent. It didn’t take long to see why they always returned.

Yamba NSW, Australian East Coast Road Trip

Hello Yamba

Wedged between an estuary and the Pacific Ocean it’s topographically got everything a tourist town needs. Flat ground next to a smooth waterway – also home to the caravan park – and cliff faces up high looking out to sea with a decent surf break to keep wave riders happy.

Yamba Estuary Australian East Coast Road Trip


Bush, Ocean, Beach

Bush, Ocean, Beach

It’s up the top of the cliff face where you find the Pacific Hotel. The ‘Pacific’ is fully aware of it’s privileged position and with full length windows adorned across the eastern wall providing uninterupted view’s of the ocean and possibly as far as South America! (Ok that’s bullshit.. but you can see a freeking long way!).

Beer at Yamba Pacific Hotel, Australian East Coast Road Trip

Beer tastes better at Sunset.

When passing through this way, you will be well rewarded to take a detour off the highway and have a cheeky schooner or two at the Pacific Hotel (Please light beer or soft drink if you are driving).

Sunset at Yamba, Australian East Coast Road Trip

See you Yamba, It’s been real.

With the sun now set. It’s full-speed to Byron Bay. The rotating light-beam of the lighthouse welcomes me to town. Now  let’s see what fun we can have here.





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