Irresponsible Instagram | The Topless Tour

 Time to get your gear off and join The Topless Tour.

Originally started by 3 mates, Ingvild, Lydia and Olivia while walking around a lake in Norway. They wanted to see just how cold they could feel. So they shed their tops, took a photo, and a global internet craze was born.

The 3 girls are originally flatmates, and after feeling the freedom of being topless in nature in Norway got hooked and soon they were popping all over Europe bearing themselves to the world and feeling at one with nature.

Now these girls can’t be flying to new countries every week to add to their Instagram  collection, and so they have passed the baton on to anyone who wants to contribute The Topless Tour. Just tag your own pics with #TheToplessTour or email and you too can be bearing your beauty in front of over 40,000 Instagramers on The Topless Tour feed.



Visit or search #TheToplessTour on Instagram for more topless travel action.


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