Cafe Nookie – Sydney’s smallest cafe that’s big on awesome

Writing a travel blog it’s easy to focus on the amazing things that are happening beyond my borders and forget about the great stuff at home in my city Sydney. Sydney continues to take its place on the world stage and is full of fantastic attractions that are both highly visible and tucked away. Thankfully I get to visit one of the tucked away ones every day (sometimes twice). It’s called Cafe Nookie.

Cafe Nookie is Sydney's smallest cafe

Blink and you’d miss it. Cafe Nookie is Sydney’s smallest cafe


Cafe Nookie is the smallest cafe in Sydney and possibly Australia. So why would you want to hang out at a small cafe? Firstly the coffee is arguably the best in Sydney (and I’ve tried many). It’s slightly stronger than your typical Sydney brew , and made with a custom house blend  from Toby’s Estate (Australia’s Coffee Gods).

Secondly is the service! Cafe Nookie is run by the ever so delightful Tina. Tina has the memory of a 128GB USB stick. On my second visit she had already remembered how I like my coffee even though I had only been once before. If there is a queue she see’s the faces that are lined up and starts making their favourite coffee without having to ask for their order.

Tina at Cafe Nookie Sydney's Smallest Cafe

The lovely Tina.. go once and she’ll remember your coffee order for life

Become a regular and your loyalty be rewarded. On my birthday Tina had a little gift package prepared for me (of one of her devilishly good brownies) and I even got a Christmas gift too. This is the kind of loyalty program I like, and a lot more delightful thank a cruddy card to get stamped for a free coffee once a month.

Finally this place is unique. Not just the small size (literally a hole in the wall! But the staff entrance door is a blackboard that is updated with political cartoon art on a weekly basis.

Chalk art is updated every week at Cafe Nookie

Chalk art is updated every week at Cafe Nookie


The art is done by local artist Eric Davidson And it’s not uncommon for passers by to stop and take a picture to share on Instagram or catch drivers sneaking a peak while waiting at the adjacent traffic lights. Eric doesn’t make a bad barrista either whenever Tina lets him have a go. Just don’t ever say he makes a better coffee than Tina (I warned you).


Eric and Nookie, Sydney's smallest cafe

Eric getting a rare chance to make the coffees and loving it.


So now you have no excuse not to go. Cafe Nookie may be Sydney’s smallest cafes. But what it lacks in size it makes up for with epically good coffee, friendly and personal service plus some awesome chalk art – usually staring Clive Palmers super-sized gut or a funny looking sausage dog.

Take me to Cafe Nookie, Sydney's Smallest Cafe

A slightly off-beat yet enjoyable thing to add to your Sydney bucket list.

Ordering at Nookie Sydney's smallest cafe

Another devotee getting their Nookie fix





Find Cafe Nookie at 268b Cleveland Street,  Surry Hills. Click here for a map

Tell Tina that Irresponsible Life sent you and get a free bonus (ok maybe not, but worth a shot)

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