The Podium Lounge Singapore Review

Just how do the Formula 1 jet set celebrate the end of each day at one of the most glamorous races on the planet? Come with me and take a peek for yourself in The Podium Lounge Singapore review.

The Podium Lounge is the creation of Singapore based duo Robbie Hoyes-Cock and Steve Yallop and now takes place at F1 races across the world including uber chic Monaco Grand Prix. For this night we are going to step into The Podium Lounge’s home event at the Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore.

On arrival guests were greeted with a brief and friendly check in experience, that felt more like checking into a plush hotel than arriving at a party.  Then they are whisked off inside the opulent surroundings of the Ritz-Carlton Millennia ball room. Dividing this impressive space straight down the middle is a 30m long island bar serving Belvedere vodka on one side, and Dom Pérignon champagne on the other. Pretty impressive right? Well you will be more impressed when you look upwards and the dividing platform running down the bar is actually a catwalk like stage, playing host to a guitarist pulling out an epic guitar solo in sync with the DJ who is mixing smooth housey tunes from a stage at the far end of the room.

It’s not the only time the island bar would be used as a performance hub. Later in the night dancers dressed as bikini angels and a dwarf in tails and a top hat would be making the bar’s platform their home. Yes you read that correctly, but I have the pictures and video to prove it below.

Dancing Angel Podium Lounge Singapore Review

Angel Dancer Podium Lounge Singapore Review

The Podium Lounge is all about luxury and excess; it is not a place to come if you are looking for a cheap night. Champagne flutes start from S$45 each and if you are inclined for a beer then best reach for an S$20 note. But if you are happy to invest in an amazing night out, then you will be rewarded.  Drinks are primarily sold by the 750ml bottle,  so you will find yourself with free-flowing champagne and spirits all night and plenty of new friends to share them with.

Popping Champagne.. Podium Lounge Singapore Review


price list podium lounge singapore review

When there are drink prices in the thousands of dollars you know you’ve come to a serious party place.


Dotted around the venue are multiple Lamborghini’s emblazoned with the logo of premier partner deLaCour watches.

Podium Lounge Review Singapore

And quietly working away on a close to priceless F1 artworks is artist Armin Flossdorf of F1 Arts. A rare chance to get up close to very beautiful and desirable objects.

Armin Flossdorf  Podium Lounge Singapore Review

Armin Flossdorf and friends making classic F1 art.


Also dotted around the venue were local and international celebrities including Gordon Ramsay, who sadly, was not cooking for us that night. Perhaps something to look forward to in 2015.

The Podium Lounge Singapore was an incredible experience, and one I will never forget (although after so much champagne it is a bit hard to remember!). If you are going an F1 event where The Podium Lounge is at, be sure to get yourself a ticket and prepare to be blown away by the ultimate F1 party experience.

Shoutout to Singaporean girl Clarissa who was my date and great company for the evening. 


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