Event Review: Poolside Pitstop

What better way to celebrate the end of an F1 race than to head to a massive pool party? Introducing Singapore’s Poolside Pitstop

poolside pitstop

I can see what you’re thinking. A pool party at a 5 star hotel, plenty of people relaxing on the sun lounges reading a book while an ever so polite barman brings over the occasional Pina Colada or Singapore Sling, all calm and tranquil right? Wrong!

The Poolside Pitstop parties took place at the Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore during Grand Prix weekend 2014. The idea? Chuck a wild party at a giant pool in the middle of an F1 circuit. Throw in some of Singapore’s best DJ’s and more champagne than you’ve ever seen at once place and you’re getting the picture.. Interested? You should be.

I arrived a couple of hours after the end of the F1 race to find the Pan Pacific pool a little more pumped up than it normally would be on a Sunday night. All around, lights are flashing and reflecting off the shimmering pool and the towering Pan Pacific Hotel.  Surrounding the pool in a giant ring guests are enjoying free flowing champagne in their cabanas and the more enthusiastic are in front of the DJ booth dancing up a storm.  Occasionally a parade of cute girls will strut past holding bottles of champagne with fireworks sparkling out the top of them. At 32 degrease and 90% humidity this is my idea of heaven and a much better party option than dressing up for a swanky club.

There’s not much more I can add to except to say make this a mandatory a pitstop if you are planning a visit to the Singapore Grand Prix in 2015.  Oh and avoid staying at the Pan Pacific on Grand Prix weekend if you’re hoping to get a good night’s sleep! – Not going to happen!

Some of my photos are below. You find find professional ones at the Poolside Pitstop Facebook page


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