Update #1 | Not going to plan |Time for some responsibility

So it’s been about 6 weeks and well things aren’t on track. 

See the original post with my goals and my motivation for doing this. 

The situation at 6 weeks in. Things looking much the same

The situation at 6 weeks in


I was highly motivated at the start, but well real life got in the way. Specifically

  • A team review at work. These things are intense and require a large time commitment i.e. not cooking my own food or making time to exercise.
  • 2 Weeks in Australia. Primarily for work, which also means eating out with colleagues and connections. Grabbing food on the go between meetings. On the personal side of things my Mum’s 70th birthday took place (Happy 70th! Mum) as well as my Dad’s 71st birthday.  Food was amazing at both of these and Alcohol was plentiful!

But there is some good news!

  • Since I’ve been back there is a nice drop in weight particularly body fat as I’ve focused on nightly runs and long lunch time walks
  • I’ve signed up to Fitness Ration – a pre-made healthy meal delivery in Singapore that will solve my issues of eating badly when I don’t have time to book
  • F45 starts Monday! 

So after a rocky start. Things are moving in the right direct. See you at the next update. 





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