Update #2 | Now we’re getting somewhere | Time for some responsibility

I got a nice surprise on Saturday morning, a drop of 2.5kg since the previous week. 

See the original post with my goals and my motivation for doing this. 

Update 3 of the responsibility challange

2.5 kg down this week. But WTF is going on with the body fat %?

I also got another surprise, although not as nice. . By Body fat % had increased. So I stepped on the scale again (This is as scale that can measure body fat as well as weight) and it went down 2% from 20 seconds ago. I step on it again and it’s gone up 2%. So with that in mind, I’ll still measure body fat %. But take it with a massive grain of salt as the scale is clearly inaccurate at that. 


So what accounted to this dramatic drop?  The answer all comes down to training at F45.  

The awesome trainers at F45 Amoy Street, Singapore!

For those who don’t know about F45 yet. It stands for Functional 45. With the 45 representing 45 minute workouts. It’s interval training, it pushes you hard, but at the same time is a lot of fun.  

But the training is really a foundation for everything else. When you push yourself that hard, the last thing you want to do is put junk food in your body. So switching to healthy food as just come naturally with training. On the rare occasions I’ve eaten a something fatty or loaded with carbs, I’ve actually felt bloated or mildly nauseous. 

The training has transformed me in other ways. Concentration at work has increased. Being able to work longer harder. I can get up at 6:15 and feel spritely usually a minute or two before my alarm. 

Physically, I can see the difference. I won’t show you are before and after photo just yet. But the weight seems to be coming off from my lats area, ie the side of my stomach, my cheeks and there’s more definition in my shoulder and arm muscles.  People have commented on the difference too which makes it all the more rewarding!


What’s next?

Keep at the training, keep up the healthy good and the long lunch time walks. We’ve found the formula, not to just keep the implementation going. 

See you at the next update in a week or two! 


Cover image: i Light at Marina Bay public art exhibition. I visited this during the time covered in this update. 


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