So if I’m honest, the chart doesn’t look all that great. But the chart can only tell you so much. 

Progress update chart number 3

More drops this week

This morning I weighed in at 86.6KG and body fat also dipping under 26% for the first time since… I can’t remember.  However it’s the physical appearance that’s speaks more than the numbers. 

I compared the picture i took at the start of this process with one I took this morning and the differences are clearly visible. Less fat around the stomach and chest, more definition in the shoulders and neck.  While I’m not comfortable to show you this yet, I’ll be happy to include it as a “half-way” image when I reach my goal. 

Other things I’m noticing. 

I’m still loving F45, but it is getting easier and easier, I’m contemplating stepping it up to two classes a day to get the impact I was getting when I first started. 

Resting heart rate has dropped 10BPM almost immediately after taking up high intensity exercise. This equates to much lower risk of hearth attack an also if you consider the fact your heart only has a finite number of beats before it gives up, then 10 less each minute will be adding years to my life. 

Cheat Days actually suck. I’m still following the 4 Hour Body which actively promotes cheat days. The more and more healthier I eat on other days, the worse I feel on cheat days when I fill my body with foods full of high fat and sugar. 

Despite this, it’s getting more and more tempting to slip into bad food. I almost feel like I have a “bank” of health and that one bad meal here and there won’t matter as much because I’ve already come so far. This is a challenge that I can easily solve by reminding myself how bad my body feels on Friday cheat day.  


Yes! I’m still off target and my actual progress lines well above my target lines. This is from not going hard right from the start, and I’m at major risk of not reaching my goal in time. If only I had taken this seriously from the very beginning. 

That’s it for now. See you in a couple of weeks 🙂


Feature Image: A monster boat from the Singapore Yacht Show. Somewhere I visited over the last 2 weeks. 




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